9 Surprising Facts About CBD

While ancient cultures always knew about the self-care and therapeutic properties of CBD, the modern world has warmed up to this phytocannabinoid only recently.

CBD is currently a hot topic of research, as scientists are trying to find out its mechanism, its effects on the human mind and body, and how it can impact animals. So, in the coming years, you can expect to see a lot more conclusive evidence about the benefits of CBD. 

If you want to know in detail about this phytocannabinoid, you're in the right place. Without further ado, let's take a look at 9 surprising facts about CBD. 

1. CBD Doesn't Make You High 

The moment you hear of CBD, you might think of it as something that makes you high and gives you a euphoric feeling. However, that's not the case. THC is a psychoactive component found in cannabis plants, which stimulates dopamine secretion and makes you feel high. It's a common misconception that CBD has the same effect. It doesn't alter your brain functions, rather it helps you relax without tampering with your mental clarity. If you want to avoid the typical high sensation of THC, you should look for completely THC-free CBD products. 

2. CBD is Not Illegal 

Almost all states across the US have legalised CBD, especially for medical or therapeutic usage. However, there can be a specific set of rules applicable in specific states, so before purchasing CBD products, make sure you're complying with the regulation. There is no problem with THC-free CBD, and as long as the THC content is below 0.3%. There is no restriction on cultivating hemp in the US either, all thanks to the Farm Bill. 

3. CBD is Safe 

There is a lot of fear surrounding the safety of CBD products. But the truth is, CBD is something that helps you lead a better life, and it's completely safe. When taken orally, it is safe to take up to 200 mg of CBD for 13 weeks, without any major consequences. The FDA has approved a prescription medicine called Epidiolex, which is vital in the treatment of rare types of seizures. In the case of Epidiolex, the dosage can be higher, but it can be taken only under the supervision of a healthcare professional. 

4. CBD Works on Our Body's Cannabinoid Receptors 

CBD's impact on our body is still under research, but what we know so far is quite interesting. When you take CBD, it interacts with CB1 and CB2, two cannabinoid receptors in our body. CB1 is present in the brain and CNS (central nervous system), while CB2 is in the peripheral nervous system, immune system, etc. As CB1 receptors are activated, the user experiences relief from anxiety, paranoia, and high blood pressure. 

5. CBD is Not A Drug 

The European Court of Justice said in 2020 that CBD is not a drug. The court is of the opinion that CBD is non-intoxicating, so there is no reason to list it as a scheduled drug. However, it's important to remember that various parts of the world have different opinions on CBD, so before taking it, it's important to consult the rules of the land you are residing in. 

6. CBD is Found in Hemp & Marijuana

It is generally believed that CBD is extracted only from marijuana plants. But this is totally a wrong notion – CBD is found in hemp plants as well. The main difference is, CBD derived from marijuana contains higher amounts of THC. And marijuana has not yet been widely legalised. That's why, most CBD product manufacturers prefer to go for hemp-derived CBD, because the THC content is low, and hemp has been legalised federally. 

7. CBD Works for Pets 

CBD is believed to help pets as well, especially in treating anxiety and pain. Anecdotal evidence suggests that when THC is administered to pets, their anxiety levels decreased significantly, and their mood improved. However, you should only choose THC-free CBD products for pets for safety reasons. You can add CBD to your pet's daily diet through CBD tinctures, supplements, or pet food. 

8. CBD Cannot Tolerate Light 

If you notice carefully, you'll see that CBD products are always packaged in dark-coloured bottles. There is a reason behind this. CBD cannot tolerate sun exposure – its quality gets hampered if it comes in contact with direct sunlight. Sunlight takes away the power of CBD, so if you use products that have been exposed to light for longer periods, you will fail to reap its health benefits. 

9. You Can Make Synthetic CBD 

Another surprising fact about CBD is that you can not only obtain it from nature but it can also be artificially produced in laboratories. As fascinating as it sounds, scientists have made this possible. The process of extracting CBD from hemp or marijuana is quite a tedious one, and when you produce CBD in a lab setup, you can skip all of these complex steps. In fact, synthetic CBD might be purer than naturally-derived CBD, but there is no solid evidence in support of it. We still don't know whether synthetic CBD is as effective as hemp-derived CBD. 

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