Can CBD help me sleep?

Peaceful sleep is that destination we all think of getting to at the end of a long day.

The problem starts when getting to it becomes a tug of war, and sleep turns from relaxing into a chore. Because of this, many of us have started to turn to CBD to help with relaxing into sleep.

CBD comes in many shapes and sizes. We have CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, CBD creams; you name it.

So how will CBD promote a good night's sleep?...       

Relax with CBD.

We tend to be alert and tense throughout the day, which is good when we have meetings and events, but it is a nightmare when the tension follows you at night. 

There are various relaxation techniques that you may have tried on your own to help you sleep, so why don't we add CBD to the mix?

CBD helps you relax and calm your mind by acting as a light sedative. It soothes your racing mind and leaves you in a light, peaceful state, allowing you to slip into a blissful sleep.

Imagine after a long day, you take a drop of CBD oil or a capsule under your tongue, then you soak yourself in a warm bath. Sleep will find it more diffuclt to evade you then.

CBD rids you of anxiety that leads to insomnia.

CBD is an excellent anxiety remedy. Anxiety is one of the major causes of poor sleep because an anxious mind knows no rest. 

CBD oil and other CBD-based products are being used for calming anxiety in people of different age groups. After taking any CBD product, your heartbeat returns to its regular rate, and relaxation steps in, thus leading you to sleep quickly and peacefully.

Research published in the January issue of The Permanente Journal, a journal published by Kaiser Permanente, looked at health records of 72 patients who were treated with CBD for anxiety or sleep disorders.

Even those who initially complained about poor sleep saw a decrease in anxiety throughout the three-month study.

According to other recent studies, endocannabinoid receptors have been activated by cannabinoids in the human body, including in the brain. The sleep/wake cycle is thought to be affected by at least one of these receptor types, which provides one explanation for how CBD may affect sleep directly. 

CBD eases body pain.

Are you suffering from chronic pain that makes it hard to sleep? Do you suffer from muscle pain caused by standing for a long time or sitting in one place for many hours?

Tossing and turning through the night because of pain is no walk in the park. Quality sleep is essential, and CBD will help you to sleep quickly and longer. 

CBD takes effect almost instantly. Within 15 to 45 minutes of taking CBD, any pain you feel will start to ease, and your body will allow you to sleep. 

But on a very cautionary note, CBD must not be used as a substitute for any medications prescribed to you by your doctor for any severe conditions. You can ask your doctor if it is safe to use CBD with your medications.

How to incorporate CBD into your night routine for proper sleep.

Do you have a sleep routine? A daily sleep routine triggers all the right receptors in your mind that send messages to your body, notifying it that it is time to sleep. Everyone's routine is unique, and as long as yours works for you, you are good to go.

You can easily use CBD for sleep by incorporating it in a few behavioural strategies that can help you sleep better, including:

  • Before going to bed, allow yourself some time to relax in a dark room with no bright screens. The bright light emitted from our phones and computers affects sleep duration. So it is best to avoid using phones, tablets, and laptops at least an hour before you sleep. Instead, you can take CBD and read a book or listen to slow music as you wait for its effect to kick in. 
  • Eat light foods and avoid caffeine later in the day. Going to bed stuffed can ruin your sleep, so it is better to eat light food before you go to bed. Don't go to bed hungry either because that too will interrupt your sleep. You can drink a CBD-infused drink with your meal or take CBD oil after your light dinner.

Using CBD with proper sleep routines will give the best results. If you don't already have a schedule, get your body used to sleeping and waking at regular intervals to attain quality sleep.

And here at Light Garden, we have CBD oils, CBD capsules and CBD gummies to help you sleep better. 

Can I buy CBD online?

Yes, you can buy CBD online. 

In this era of all things digital, you can order CBD to help you sleep from Light Garden and get it delivered right onto your doorsteps.

We have our LIGHT GARDEN PREMIUM CBD CAPSULES which you can easily swallow with water before your bedtime.

If you are a sweet-toothed person, then you can chew our LIGHT GARDEN PREMIUM CBD GUMMIES in the evening and get full CBD benefits. We recommend taking 1 to 2 gummies per day.

You can also order LIGHT GARDEN PREMIUM CBD OIL DROPS and put a few drops under your tongue at night to help you get a good night's rest. 

All of our CBD products are 100% organic and safe to use. They are of very high quality, and they are very effective in helping with lack of sleep. Order CBD from Light Garden today and start sleeping much better and waking up fresher.

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